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Nowadays , we can see elevators & escalators at everywhere , and we are enjoying a convenient life with their help . At the same time , elevator accidents are happening more and more frequently . We shall and have to know how to ride the elevator & escalator in a proper way . Here are some tips for your information from TOWARDS ELEVATOR .


1 , push the button by hand , and hit is stricktly prohibited

2 , smoking is not allowed , and do not lean on the door

3 , it is dangerous to squeeze the door during elevator working

4 , do not bring dangerous belongings into the elevator

5 , keep it clean , and do not throw up trash

6 , anything emergency , please press the alarm bell button

7 , when overload bell is ringing , late comers need to go out in squence

8 , children is not allowed to enter elevator without its adults

9 , when there is a fire in the building , do not use elevator


We hope all of your guys can have a good time when you take elevators or escalators , meanwhile , we need to protect ourselves by standardize our behavior .

Towards elevator , providing you full solutions for all kind of elevators & escalators , including passenger elevator , freight elevator , hospital elevator ,home elevator , car elevator , escalator , moving walker etc . Towards elevator , towards better life !

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Post time: Jun-02-2021